PT Inti Cosmetic Lestari was built in 1979.

With a beginning as humble as a home industry that focuses on men’s grooming needs, PT Inticosmetic Lestari have produced pomades and various hair products for local barbershops since 1979. We are known as the early adopters of natural oils in our products and also the leading quality brand of local pomade industry. Along with the refinement of hair technology and the changing trend of style, our products continues to evolve with the development of formulas and advanced ingredients. Our concept remains the same as we started: developing the best grooming products based on the feedback of direct users and practicing professionals with true old-school quality maintaining heritage since our business first started.

Keeping you stylish since 2018

Our product is crafted with quality in the spirit of Fridays, a time where one can release and relax after strenuous times. And with a great dose of Blacks - the color of elegance, quality, and confidence.

You who cruise through challenges with flair. Who take each obstacle as a set-piece and live another day. Who believe in making each day of their life a Friday.